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27 May 2015 - Stephanie Liechtenstein - 0

To the Panel of Eminent Persons: The Ailing Euro-Atlantic Security Architecture: Treat the Causes not the Symptoms

The current crisis in and around Ukraine is a symptom of a much deeper crisis of the European security architecture and the role that the Organization for Security and Co-operation (OSCE) plays in it. The renewed East-West confrontation, the lack of progress on arms control issues and on how to reestablish a dialogue on co-operative security in the OSCE area, as well as the OSCE's inability to make progress regarding the protracted conflicts, and continuous disagreement about the main role of the OSCE are all symptoms of that same crisis. The Panel of Eminent Persons that has been tasked at the 2014 OSCE Basel Ministerial Council meeting with elaborating recommendations on how to reconsolidate European security, should address the root causes and not merely develop recommendations that treat the symptoms.

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The Helsinki+40 Process: Determining the Future of the OSCE
Photo: OSCE/Dan Dennison
23 September 2013 - Stephanie Liechtenstein - 0

The Helsinki+40 Process: Determining the Future of the OSCE

Many times, reference has been made in this blog to the so-called Helsinki+40 process. What are the origins of this multilateral discussion process and what does it stand for? Has any progress been made so far and how likely are any concrete, landmark achievements by 2015? The Helsinki+40 process was decided upon at the 2012 Dublin OSCE Ministerial Council meeting “as an inclusive effort by all participating States to provide strong and continuous political impetus to advancing work towards a security community, and further strengthening co-operation in the OSCE on the way towards 2015, a year that marks four decades since the signing of the Helsinki Final Act.” In other words, the Ministerial decision on the Helsinki+40 process provided a roadmap for a multilateral discussion process on the future of the OSCE with the ultimate aim of setting up a “genuine security community.” (See previous blog on this topic).

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2 December 2010 - Harry Hummel, Director Netherlands Helsinki Committee - 0

OSCE summit: the mountain gives birth to a mouse

The end of the 1, 2 December OSCE summit looked a farce: journalists and other observers hanging out from 1 PM, the scheduled end time, till midnight for the 'Astana commemorative declaration' to be presented. At last the mountain had given birth to a mouse... Better than nothing? Probably yes.

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The Spirit of Astana
Photo: OSCE/Vladimir Trofimchuk
1 December 2010 - Dr. Walter Kemp, Editor Security and Human Rights & Director Europe and Central Asia International Peace Institute - 0

The Spirit of Astana

It's freezing cold in Astana, but it seems that within the OSCE some old conflicts are starting to thaw. The very fact that the OSCE is holding its first summit since Istanbul in 1999 and may reach consensus on a political declaration for the first time in eight years are signs that a sense of common purpose is starting to prevail.

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Only in Kazakhstan 29 November 2010 - Adam Svenne - 0

Only in Kazakhstan

New Yorkers complain about traffic jams during the opening of the UN General Assembly. Spare a thought for the people of Kazakhstan. With 56 OSCE heads of state coming to town for the Astana Summit, not only will ground transport be disrupted. Space travel is also being rearranged. A Russian Soyuz spacecraft, with Russian and American astronauts on board, has been asked to return to earth sooner than scheduled in order to ensure security of the airspace over the summit.
But the news is not all bad for the people of Kazakhstan. While summit participants will no doubt take home Astana Summit souvenirs, a Kazakh entrepreneur has produced a special cottage cheese including the OSCE logo and a seal of approval from the Chairmanship. Let's hope there will be other deliverables that have a longer shelf life.

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16 November 2010 - Dr. Arie Bloed, editor-in-chief of Security and Human Rights - 0

Astana Summit: the Emperor's new clothes?

That the OSCE will have its first summit meeting in eleven years may be considered a big success for the Kazakh chairmanship of the organization. Kazakhstan did not only draw the ‘lucky lot' by acquiring the chairmanship a few years ago, but getting a consensus on a summit meeting at an informal ministerial meeting in mid-July this year is another example of successful Kazakh diplomacy that many observers considered highly unlikely to happen not that long ago.

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